• Waking Up with Monsters , Sexpot 3-DDD, Westside Stalker, Sealy Mattress, Honey Bunches Of Oats• Dead in Love • Somebody’s Gonna Pay • Dorm of the Dead • Family • Brothers in Arms• County General • Believers Among Us • The Delivery Boy

1) Would you say its fair that,You don’t do anything similar a second time in film roles ?
I guess given my past work, no I don’t do a lot of similar film roles. However, that’s not on purpose. I’m glad I’m not a box and can be scene in all kinds of roles. Of course there’s ones that I’m better at then others, but I like to try everything.
2) What do you think of ‘Scream Queens’ ?
I don’t really have an opinion of Scream Queens. I would think all that yelling would hurt your vocal cords?!
3) Have you been at any film festivals ? Met any fans of your work ?
I suppose it must be easy to find my e-mail address on the Internet, because I’ve received fan e-mails with requests for signed pictures. And yes, I will send them. I would hope someone would do the same for me.
4) Wanna do more commercials ?
Commercials are a little more of a random process when it comes to casting. I think I actually audition commercially more, the ratio of work is just smaller for me. But of course I would and will do more! Work is work.
5) One sentence descriptions, Please ?
Eric Forsburg: A director with an actor’s understanding.
Chris Watson: A really nice guy and extremely quiet.
Tiffany Shepis: The Scream Queen of all time.
Donald Farmer: Easy to work with.

6) BEST of “Mich” On/Off set ?
I’ll give you an example of working on Sexpot 3D. The first day of filming for me I had to do the love making scene with my Co-Star. Since it’s a party in Malibu there was lots of liquor. I took the bottle of tequila two coffee cups from craft service and went into a corner and poured some shots for us, then I filled the rest of the bottle back with water. I’m not sure if they were planning on returning the bottle for budget purposes…but hey this called for a little liquid courage! And I think my partner was a little nervous, after all this was our first day meeting. I learned the old water trick in high school…guess I did learn something?!
7) WORST of “MICH” On/Off set ?
I’m not much of a morning person and can get a little cranky before I’ve had coffee, but I don’t recall any Christan Bale moments if that’s what you’re looking for. For the most part you want to get hired again so better not to have any temper tantrums on set. However, if you ask my boyfriend you might get a different answer-LOL.

8)       The film, ”Brothers In Arms”, Is a western…Would you make another ?
Yes! I never did get to ride a horse.
9) We really liked your kickass “Sybil Danning”esque character in WESTSIDE STALKER, With your atheletic background, Will you do more action…Or do you prefer more glamorous stuff ?
Hey, I am not afraid to get dirty. I really admire actor’s who are willing to take off the make-up and go for it. There will always be time for glamor.
I would like to use some of my kickboxing training and and do some real fight scenes in the future.

10) So, We’re ending the interview and leaving out the door, What is your “Lasting Impression “ quote ?
Stay positive and Enjoy the journey! You will always want more, be thank-ful for what you have now!


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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  1. Awesome interview! You were the best to work with. I can’t wait to do it again. Nice trick with the tequila. Wish I had known, I could’ve used a hit of that booze.

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