stayA David Stay Film.

With Benicio Del Toro “Wolfman” pushed back to next year,This furry opus will have to whet our appetites.
Almost feel like this should be a “15 Year Anniversary” edition,That’s another story see below.
Very unusual plot that involves a sphere not like in ‘Phantasm’,But just as awe inspiring.
Mr. Stay has brought forth elements that could be ‘Howling’ like or an angst-riddled ‘Teen Wolf’ sequel.
Going with the ‘Howling’ mention,He resembles Robert ‘Eddie’ Picardo as a teacher and goes all Morgan Freeman ‘ Stand By Me’ on a gang led by The Devil.
The stunts and makeup are pretty incredible given the times and budget,The screenplay really could be snatched up for a megamillion big budget Hollywood film NOW !
At presstime, Film has won the AOF Film Festival award for Best Horror Film.
Quote: If you dig cult “wha wha wha what!” classics, you will love this. “The Sphere of
the Lycanthrope” is a movie lost for 18 years. Cursed mind you, and now the
curse has been lifted.:Unquote !
THIS MOVIE will “Kick” Your Azz !


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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  1. Talia says:

    Great stuff!! Baietti is sick as the devil. A combanation of wiseguy vampire. Completely original! Stay as the dorky teach is amazing. The two have great chemistry, great lines and perfect timing. My faith has been restored in the film industry. This movie was acknoleged for its ingenuity and creativity. For two people (Stay and Grenning)to pull something like this off is a reel/real acomplishment and for the movie to be nomminated and aworded at the AOF speaks volumes about the artistic thred that that runs through our industry. Great job to all involved.

  2. John Ravins says:

    What a movie. This is so great. How the hell did Stay & Grening pull this off. I can see why it won the AOF Film Festival of 2009. This could easily run at midnight showings across the country as a Cult Classic as the producers like to call it. They would gather a following quickly.
    I still don’t know how they pulled this off? Grening is hysterical at the ending credits.
    Great, great job and for the AOF to acknowledge this film that was up against the so called ‘Big Boys” is so great!!!!

  3. Reed Martin says:

    This is unreal. 2 guys, Stay & Grening make a movie 18 years ago that wins a 2009 Hollywood Film Festival? Today? What? Even though their technology was up against 2009 technology? Could these 2 guys have this much talent to overcome these odds and the pressure of Hollywood as well at this level?
    I just watched Sphere of the Lycanthrope. Stay as the nerdy teacher who transforms into the Lycanthrope monster is off his rocker and fantastic. Grening as the sole cinematographer must have had the camera glued to his face. His sense of photography has captured the look & feel of the story like I cannot believe. It’s as though he was filming with more than one camera. Then I found out he use 2 cameras and was using both of them by himself at the same time. The shots are seamless and well thought out.
    This is a fun film to watch. I nearly died laughing at the bloopers at the end which are always fun to watch and Stay didn’t cheap out on them either……. like 15 minutes as he gave credits to the entire planet. Really?
    Yep….didn’t see my name though?
    You guys are what filmaking is all about. Someone give these 2 guys a budget please…… Imagine what they could do with some $$$$$$
    I laughed, was surprised, was astonished, was kept in suspense and enjoyed myself and then I almost pee’d my pants laughing at the end. What more could you possibly want?
    Best of luck to you guys……. Such a great job!

  4. Dee Silva says:

    Alright already. What is all this talk about? I have been seeing this film eat up the pages of Google like it was a $500 million dollar picture. All the talk around town too? How could this be? Beats out major competition in the AOF Film Festival and wins? Best Horror Film?
    Well….I saw it and now you have to. Only then will you appreciate what it has to offer. It is genuine and real. This is filmmaking. Real filmmaking. The camera and the actor.
    I was shocked and I still am.
    I am a Producer in LA for 20 years and a filmmaker. I am at a loss for words here at the way Stay and Grening handled this film.

  5. David Stay says:

    Thank you all for the kudos. It is greatly appreciated, from the heart.


  6. Keith Grening says:

    Thanks to all and to all who have supported us throughout the making of “Sphere of the Lycanthrope”
    We are very grateful.

  7. Jay Secor says:

    I was given this Indie film from a friend who saw it at the 2009 AOF Film Festival, in which it won “Best Horror Film” I watched it and then I searched the internet to see what everyone else thought.
    Look for yourself.
    This is just a hands down fun film. It’s special is all I can say. They said it was made 18 or so years ago. I guess it fermented like fine wine. This isn’t your so-called blood/scare horror film either. In fact I was never scared, but I really enjoyed it.
    Fantastic camera work and non-stop scene changes keep the film moving along. It never lets up.
    Vintage? Not in my book………I liked it!!!

  8. Aly Gagliardi says:

    I’m glad I found this site. I saw this movie at my friends house. He was in it, but he didn’t tell me. This movie is great. And not just because my friend is in it, because it is. Period. It’s way cool. It didn’t scare the crap out of me or gross me out either like other horror movies do. That is not what this movie is about.
    I liked it so much that I’m looking it up all over the internet right now. That’s what bought me here. Tons of links.
    What a story behind the making of this movie. The ending credits are really interesting and take you into the making of the movie with out-takes. Those guys went through some serious stuff making this movie. Well worth a look. Don’t miss it. Glad I didn’t.

  9. Alan Steiner says:

    Wow, is all I can say. 2 wins in a row. And both for Best Horror Film of 2009. That in itself says something about this film. I read that it is the only Horror film of 2009 to have achieved this. I found myself smiling. I’ve been following the Sphere of the Lycanthrope since the 2009 Action on Film Festival which it won Best Horror Film on July 30th. I sent an e-mail to one of the producers and he responded within minutes. I couldn’t believe it. These are genuine filmmakers who have something here that stands in a class by itself. It’s being noticed too, otherwise why back to back Best Feature Film awards?
    I’ve seen it 3 times and each time I am even more impressed. I find myself asking friends and associates if the have seen this film yet. Then I lend them mine because they’re too cheap to buy it. Actually they’re too cheap to buy anything they can borrow. You guys are great and I hope that The Sphere of the Lycanthrope continues to win Film Festivals like it has already done twice. So unimaginable is the fact that it’s beating out films that cost insane money to produce. The real shame would have been if this film was never completed. It gives hope to all fimmakers that talent still can produce amazing results with dedication to the art.

  10. Steve Renert says:

    Finally I found a place where I can say something about this film. My son has a copy of this film (all of his friends have it ) after about the 10th time he and his friends watched it at my house, I found myself sitting in and having a good time too. It has been years since I have been able to do this with my son and never inconjunction with his friends. I was reciting lines from the film along with them. Like who could say it first and who remembered it quicker, and then we all laughed. ( I was teary eyed ) I haven’t done this since “Rocky Horror Show” with my wife back in the 70’s. I don’t like horror movies. But this really isn’t one of those cheap kill em’ off one at a time movies. It’s enjoyable to watch and the effects/music are great. How could a film so small have such a hugh impact on my life? I could care less. What it has done for me is more than I could ask for.
    I don’t like my sons music, his clothes or his appearance. But I fould a better understanding of him through this film. I wish to thank David and Keith for making such a wonderful film.

  11. Scott Alvesto says:

    I was lent this movie and told “You’ve got to watch this” It sat on my TV stand for 2 weeks. Basically I don’t watch Horror films. Then I watched it because I put it in by mistake while I was on the phone thinking it was another DVD I rented. What surprised me at first was that it really wasn’t horrific at all, but actually funny at times. It has a quality that you don’t see in Indie films which is a story line that flows from beginning to the very last credit keeping you interested. Most Indie films give up at a point and you become bored. Not this one.
    The mistake was letting it sit for 2 weeks and not watching it. Like the reviews above, it is “all that”! I now know the details of how this movie was made and also know why my friend wanted me to see it. I teach Cinematography/Film & Advanced Camera at a well known technical school in LA.
    David & Keith did one hell of a job here. How they did it is another story. 35 years in the business and I have never seen a low budget movie made with such sincerity and effort by everyone involved. I would like to have been there to see it happen. The coordination is remarkable. Anyone who knows anything about filmmaking will know what it took to make this film possible. I could give a course based on this film alone. I may just do that.
    I wish that anyone who is interested in filmmaking could see The Sphere of the Lycanthrope. When I watched it a second time I looked more closely and realized even more the photographic effort that was put into small details that would generally be overlooked.
    So David & Keith, I thank you for making such a wonderful film and pouring your hearts into it. I will be showing the Sphere of the Lycanthrope as part of my class.

  12. Peter Tarnalaz says:

    Everything you heard or read about this film is true. These guys made a feature film with basically, zero dollars. They have a huge cast and appear to have had a decent size technical staff. The photography is spot-on as is the direction of the young cast. Stay (the star) is out of his mind and his determination is easily seen in his performance as he transforms from a nerdy school teacher to a werewolf karate monster. Did I say werewolf karate monster? Yep! Funny stuff here. I was laughing my ass off. There is however a real story here that you can follow and enjoy. No kidding. My teenage kids made me watch it. I don’t even know how many times they’ve seen it. The ending credits/bloopers were really done well and keep you watching until there isn’s anymore to see except a black screen. It was over and I wanted more! I’ve never seen a low budget indie film with so much heart and pride. This is a fine example of what filmmaking should be. It was great guys!!!

  13. Steve Russo says:

    Got a copy of this from a friend. I didn’t think much of it as it sat in the case next to my other DVD’s that I had not watched yet either. I was home sick from work a few days and eventually ran out of DVD’s and this was the last one left. So I watched it.
    I am a film editor by trade and use to be a photographer.
    The Sphere of the Lycanthrope is a flat out fun movie. I was surprised to no end. Of all that I watched over a 3 day sickness, this is what I enjoyed most. Why? Because it was made for practically nothing by people who wanted to make a movie and did just that. Any idea how hard that is to do? I was actually dumbfounded at times over the storyline, cinematography and effects. I watched it completely through to the end. I have really never ever made it to the end of a “B” movie or a direct to DVD movie. But this was different. I wish that I had something to do with the making of this movie.
    I find nothing that I could say negative about this film for what it is. As an editor I applaud the makers of The Sphere of the Lycanthrope, David, Keith and Ford.
    Just great. Really, just great. Make more!

  14. Diane Riccione says:

    Great job David & Keith! Looks like you had a lot of fun making this movie. I loved the bloopers. More, more please! So funny! I am an Indie filmmaker myself. Although, I am having a tough time finishing my 1st film. I was given your film as inspiration and it has given me that. Thanks. I really mean it too.
    I look at your movie and wonder how you were able to put it all together. Location, actors everything. Timing is spot on. I keep watching it to learn from it. I am also the cinematographer of my movie. Keith has the ‘Eye’ is all I can say. I look at his positions and wonder how he thought of shooting it like this? Under the pressures of an indie film where everyone is in a rush to go elsewhere. The longer the production takes the less interested everyone becomes. You guys kept everyone together for an entire year? How is this possible? Then I think of the bloopers and know why. You guys knew you had to make it fun. And this is easily seen.
    What an absolute pleasure it is for me to find this site and to be able to post this.
    I teach graphic design at a technical school and will continue to tell all of my students of The Sphere of the Lycanthrope.
    Thanks boys!!!

    • David Stay says:

      Hi Diane,

      Hi Diane,

      Thank you so much for the kudos. It never fails to make us feel good about the SOTL. I am so glad you enjoyed it and it has inspired you to carry on, in my opinion that is the key, CARRY ON! If you would ever like to know more about The SOTL feel free to contact myself or Keith, I can’ speak for him but he is just as nice as me. Say hi to all your students from me. Where do you teach by the way? anyway, thanks again and Rock On!


  15. Rick Donard says:

    My friend is in this movie. He gave it to me to view. I heard about it many times. I noticed 3 other actors that I also know that appear in this film.
    I watched it 3 times and keep getting more out of it. The more I watch it the more I laugh too. If you watch this film for what it’s intentions were, it’s fantastic in every way. No budget, just dedication, hard work and a wanting to make a movie. But to come away with a film like this just makes me smile. Great job David and Keith.

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