Star Trek : New Voyages

Star Trek : The Child

Buck Rogers In The 25TH Century

Virtual Army Experience

Chilli Palmer Photography

George Barris Car Spokesmodel

1) You come off as One-Of –A-Kind, Are you really that unique ?

I would like to think so! I’m different in a lot of ways like anyone would be, but whats different with me, is that i’m real with who i am or wish to be.

2) Explain your involvement in the NEW ‘Star Trek’?

I started as an extra for “Star Trek New Voyages” back in 05. My first time on set was, we were shooting “To Serve All My Days”, which played out nice as i got the name of “Natural faller”, and original character and guest star “Walter Koenig” As “Chekov” joined our set! I continued to play as an extra while multi tasking P.A (Production Assistant), makeup/wardrobe, all of the above, for our “Star Trek”, which again is Internet Based, and Is all Volunteer Work from trekkies all over the state and out of the state!

It was Up untill june 08 where i landed my first acting gig with “Star Trek The Child” As “Ensign Zahra” As The “Communications Officer” on the bridge, i would have that part anytime that “Uhura” original communtcations officer on the bridge, was not able to make it to our set! So i would play her role as my own character, which i did get to pick out my own character name, so it was a neat experience even though it was just a few lines I had a blast!

And through my years as a trekkie i met a few more originals from the original star trek like “Barbera Luna” As “Lt.Marlena Moreau” Played In Our Episode of “Enemy Starfleet”, and “George Takei” As “Lt.Commander Sulu”, and A Few More Originals, And Many Celebrity Faces

3) So, There is a NEW ‘Buck Rogers’?

There Sure Is Only We Are Technically Waiting On The Ok To Have it on Television, Which Wont Be Seen Till Early 2011, But Yes And Even had Originals Like “Gil Gerard As Buck Rogers” And “Erin Gray As Wilma Deering” Play The Parents Of “Buck Rogers Actor Bobby Rice” And Also Erin’s Daughter Samantha Hissong/Gray As Buck Rogers Girl Friend! Its “Buck Rogers In The 25Th Century”! And “Fred Olen Ray” Was The Director!

4) What is the BEST of RIVA, On /Off set ?

I Would Say The Best Of Me Off Set Would Deffinantly Be Hanging Out With My Nefew And 2 Neices When I Can, And My Fiance, And Crochet In the Winter, And Motorcycles In The Summer Ha-Ha! On Set I Deffinantly Try To Keep Things Fresh, Make People Laugh, I Even Do Hair And Makeup For Fun On Set!

5) What is the WORST of RIVA, On/Off set ?

The Worst For Me Off Set Is Depression Of Not Being On Set. And The Worst Of Me On The Set Would Have To Be….NOTHING Ha-Ha

6) One sentence descriptions-Fred Olen Ray_Content, Serious, But Very Outgoing/James Cawley_Very Inspiring, Serious, And True To His Heart!/George Barris__Very Charming, Funny, And All Out Amazing/  Gil Gerard___ Tough, Well Rounded, But Sweetly Sensitive/Chilli Palmer_Fantastic, Fabulous, And Lots Of Serious Fun .

7) What is ‘Virtual Army Experience’ ?

It Was An Event held in Rochester And Also Other Parts Of The State Where People Had The Chance To Play A Live Virtual Game Of The Army Experience, Of Course Its Not The Real Army, But It Gives People Around The World An Idea Of What Soliders Have And Had Gone Through During War, And Also Got To Meet And Talk To A Purple Star Soilder Tommy Reinman Whom Saved His Team During An Ambush In Iraq And Was Shot Many Times, But Saved Everyone! It’s A Great Experience And They Gave Out A Free Computer Game As Well. So Its Great To Show People All Around On What Goes On Before And During War..

8) Which is better , IN FRONT or BEHIND CAMERA ?

In Front, My Looks Always Speak To People, I Really Try To Push My Emotions Out Through The Camera So People Can See That I’m Not A Fake Person That I Am Truly True To Me And You! PLus Its Super Fun, I’m Always Having Fun And The People That Work With Me Always Have Fun Too, And That’s How I like It!!

9) Wanna talk about tattoos and piercings ?

Ha-Ha, Well I Have 6 Tattoos, A Butterfly Trible On My Lower Back Which Was My First Tattoo, That Was Just A Tattoo I Had Done When I First Turned 18! I Have A ButterFly On Each Breast, And When U Push Them Together They Make One Butterfly, Which Was A Really Neat Idea, Shows How Sensitive I Am, And I Even Named Them Phil And Lil! I Have My Name In Angel Wings On The Back Of My Neck, My Name Means Little Dreamer In Italian And I Never Want Anyone To Forget Who I Am 😉 And Also Have My Capricorn Sign On My Left Wrist, I Obviously Like To Show A Little Bit About Me Onto My Skin! And Lastly I Have A Huge Dragon On My Left Arm Which Is A Sleeve That Goes To My Forearm, It Started With A Small Dragon On Top Of My Left Arm Which Represents Strength, And Also My Idol And Inspiration Angelina Jolie When She Had Her dragon On Her Arm, So now I Have A Huge Dragon Undeneath It, I really Love Tattoos.

As For My Piercings Ha-Ha, I Have My Nose, My Ears, My Tongue, And My Nipples Pierced, My Tongue And Nipples Represent My Rebeliousness And Courageness And I Love Them Ha-Ha!

10) Here is that chance to ‘Say Something’, That will be repeated on the Internet Foreverrrr !

Well I really want To Say Is That I Am GreatFul For Everything And Everyone Have And Has Done For Me, i Don’t Have Regrets In The Indusrty, Its Something I Really Want To Succeed In, In My Life. I Certainly Am Multi talented But Taking One Talent At A Time, And Some Day I Hope That Things Go As Planned. I Would Like To Say To Others Is That You Will Have So Much Judgement In Everything You Do, But Take That One Good Comment Out Of A Thousand Bad Comments and Run With It, You Only Need You, To Believe In You, You’ll Have Many That Will Be Jealous And Not Understanding, But If You Have A Dream, Then Make It Reality, You Only Have “One Life To Live” “So Live Your Life Like Your Dreams”!! And Thank You Very Very Much!! MUAH 😉



Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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    YOU GO CUZ,, SO PROUND OF YOU ”’ MY GOD DAUGHTER”FAMILY… to death do us apart..

  2. jackie says:

    all my love and blessings to you and your career! im so proud of your baby girl! keep it goin! much love sweety your beautiful! todo la familia! love you girl -your cousin.. baby jaxx!- xoxo

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