* The Death of Hollywood /Secret Bonfire/ A Dream of Color in Black and White /
The Changers / Imprudence / Cannibal Cult
1) You been at this for 10 years,Where are you at in your goals to accomplish ?
A) I couldn’t be more happy with my current status. I am on top of the world in terms of professional goals; and there are only green pastures ahead to look forward to.
2) Your newest…’Death Of Hollywood’, Any personal nuances in script based on your reality ?

A) The basic concept of the film evolved after a screenplay of mine was was stolen out from under me. This served as a real-life inspired springboard for the basis of the picture; but the majority of the film is fiction laced with strong influences from classic film.
3) Your unfinished project,’Secret Bonfire’,Is this a tribute /homage to all of Orson Welles unfinished flicks ?

A) It will probably become something of that nature; I highly doubt the film will ever be finished, but here’s to hoping it does some day.

4) Is ‘A Dream Of Color in B/W’,Really in Black & White ? WHY ?
A) It is not. The title is a metaphor of the contrasting nature of the subconscious and reality.
5) One Sentence descriptions-Please ,Joe Estevez___________Chris Watson___________Tiffany Shepis__________Ari Bavel_________Tom Savini__________.

A) Joe Estevez: The real deal; the nicest and easiest actor to work with on the face of the planet. Chris Watson: One of the most helpful and kind people in the business. Tiffany Shepis: A sweet and hard-working free spirit. Ari Bavel: The actor everyone knows and he knows everyone. It’s difficult to walk on a set and not meet someone who has worked with him. Tom Savini: Jerk
6) Are YOUTUBE,Face Book and or Myspace more effective than a website ?

A) Youtube is an extremely efficient way to get trailers to the hungry eyes of the public. Myspace has been losing popularity steadily lately to facebook; and it’s easy to see why. Facebook is a terrific tool for promoting screenings and events, far more effective than myspace in my opinion because you are dealing with legitimate people. Both work fine for networking, but nothing beats having your own domain for promotion and business.
7) Which has been your most profitable movie,Or any details on different movie releases ?

A) The Changers; but we’ve been getting great press for “The Death of Hollywood,” so I’m quite certain it will soon pass “The Changers” by.
8) Hey, What were your plans for ‘Minds Of Terror’, Before we snatched the rights from under you ?
A) Pretty standard straight up DVD release. Our distribution wing of Monumental Pictures no longer exists; we focus solely on production now and let labels handle the releases.
9) What is next for BF ?

A) “Insignificant Celluloid” starring Seth Correa. It’s a mockumentary about a schlock film producer who is arrested for photocopying currency to fund his movie. In exchange for the dropping of the charge, the arresting officer is offered the starring role in his zombie film; Hilarity ensues.
10) Last chance to impress your fans, Leave them with deep words …
A) Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something; and never stop following your dreams.


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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