PLAGUERS(newest release)/Mutation/Within the Woods/Bloody Tease /Goth /Scream Queen /Lord of the Vampire/Demon’s Kiss\The Coven /Death Factory/Witchcraft XII: In the Lair of the Serpent /Bewitching/Evil Sister 2 /The Zombie Chronicles /Mad Jack /Babes in the Woods /Camp Blood 2 /Camp Blood

1) You have been in alot of series of films…CAMP BLOOD comments ?

I haven’t been IN many films – I’m not an actor – but I have created a few series as a writer/director. CAMP BLOOD was my third movie I wrote and directed, made in 1999. It was one of the first digital movies shot in 3-D (how’s that for being ahead of the curve?). None of us thought when we were making it that it would be so successful, get released all over the world and spawn two sequels, CAMP BLOOD 2 and WITHIN THE WOODS. There are still fans everywhere more than 10 years after we made the first one. It has turned into a sort of minor cult classic. It used to be my most recognized movie but that is changing with PLAGUERS.

2) What about DEATH FACTORY series of films ?

I wrote and directed the original DEATH FACTORY in 2002. Like CAMP BLOOD it was made for very little money but caught on with horror fans. It was my first movie in Blockbuster, had many foreign releases, got good reviews in the horror press, and has turned up more than once in Fangoria. The distributor, Brain Damage, lists it as their top selling title. I am proud of what we did with the resources we had. I had nothing to do with the sequel – was never asked by the producers – but they did use my main character of “Alexa” (the female monster/killer from the original) in the movie and put her on the box.

3) Two other series of films ,Had you as participant- WITCHCRAFT and The EVIL SISTERS,Good or bad experience on these ?

EVIL SISTER 2 came first, it was the second film I wrote and directed. I saw the original but I didn’t have to use any of the characters or situations from it, so I created an entirely new story, about twin sisters, one of them a demented killer, set in the Mojave desert. Shooting the movie was great experience, with a small but dedicated cast and crew. It has a sixties/seventies Euro-horror vibe, so if you like Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, etc. you will probably enjoy it.

WITCHCRAFT XII came later on. I only had to use the “Will Spanner” character in the script, the rest was up to me. I tried to downplay the supernatural horror and make more of a noir/crime film. It was a busy year, I was overworked, and the shoot went by fast, not bad, but not really memorable either. I wish we’d had more time and money but as always I tried to make an entertaining flick.

4) BEST of ‘SYKE-Out’ when ON set /Or OFF ?

Not sure what you’re looking for here, but out of the 19 movies I’ve directed, PLAGUERS was my best on-set experience. More time and money doesn’t always make for a better shoot, but it did on this movie. We had a lot to shoot each day, and everyone worked really hard, but it really was a pleasure to come to work each day on that film.

5) WORST of ‘ SYKE-Out’ ON set /Or OFF ?

Worst on-set experience was an erotic thriller I directed called LOVING ANGELIQUE, aka LOLITA 2004. I’ve gone into this before in other interviews but to sum up: difficult and delusional lead actress, mutinous supporting cast, extremely controlling EP, most unprofessional DP I’ve ever worked with, and a “producer” who, let’s just say, did not have my back.

6) One sentence descriptions-

Steve Railsback – A terrific actor and a great guy who cares about every aspect of the film he’s in, not only his role.

Athena Demos – Nice gal, easy to work with, always hustling.

Joe Haggerty – Dependable pro and the only actor I’ve worked with who still sends me a Christmas card every year.

Jerry Feifer – The sleaziest distributor I ever worked for.

Charles Band – Was going to release my movie THE COVEN as WITCHOUSE 3 till J.R. Bookwalter killed the deal and made his own WH3 – with THE COVEN’s lead actress.

7) Why will ‘PLAGUERS aka Space Hazard’ be different then all your other films ? First in another series of films?

PLAGUERS is different – and better – than my other films for many reasons. It’s my biggest budget movie, with tons of cool special effects I could never do before. It’s also my first sci-fi/horror film, and THE first “zombies in space” movie with all the action and gore you’d expect and then some. And it stars Steve Railsback! What more do you want?

I have ideas for two more PLAGUERS installments, but they would be a bit more expensive and elaborate to produce. We’ll see what happens. Could be my next series, who knows?

8) Why do you pick on Clowns,Summer Camps…Issues from your childhood?

I don’t have anything against clowns or summer camps. I went to a few while growing up but never had any bad experiences. Honestly, when writing CAMP BLOOD, I thought it would be cool and different if the killer wore a clown mask. It was a weird image I hadn’t seen before – a clown in the woods. It seems to have struck a chord with slasher fans.

9) Would you consider your style more ‘Uwe Boll’ or ‘Larry Buchanan’ schools of filmmaking ?

Neither. I’ve never seen any of Larry Buchanan’s films, but from what I understand they were very ambitious and often had low budgets, so I can relate to that. I have sat through a few of Boll’s movies and they’re the complete opposite: huge budgets but not very ambitious and terribly made.

10) Brad,Your final words to fans,Something Orson Welles didn’t get a chance to do ?

Well, I hope these aren’t my FINAL words, I still have a few more years and movies left in me! For those of you who’ve seen and enjoyed my films over the years, thanks a lot for your support. I’m always trying to make the next one better. To find out more about our production company, Nightfall Pictures, and info about our movies, check out or for all things PLAGUERS. Thank you very much!



Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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