Mega Piranha
Sex Pot (& Sex Pot 3D)
War Of The Worlds 2

Monster (co-writer/director)
30,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Snakes On A Train

Torture Room (not Asylum)

Night of the Dead (not Asylum)

Alien Abduction

1) So,Any more MEGA Movies in your future ?

I’d like to follow it up with “Mega Success Story”. But I’ll be more than satisfied with “Mega Piranha 2” – although I believe that in the months to come we will see a bit of “Mega Piranha” vs “Piranha 3D” in the industry mags and review columns. Already there are some comparisons being made regarding the two trailers. Hands down the “Mega Piranha’ trailer wins.

2)’ Sex Pot’ has done pretty well, Embarrassed with subject matter ?

Embarrassed – Not at all – This was a fun movie to make and everyone was surprisingly relaxed. I work well with girls who are in various stages of undress because I don’t oogle them or comment on it – we just shoot the scene and move on. It is also a fun movie to watch – a little gratuitous with the big 3D boobs coming at the camera but not any more heavy duty than a souped up Russ Meyer movie. I’m proud of this baby – and my producers were very pleased which makes me even happier. I would do another 3D film and another fun, sex, stoner comedy, — but not together. The camera was too cumbersome to do really free-style comedy. It slowed everything down. I like moving fast on the set.

3) ‘ Snakes On A Train’ was huge in “Mockbuster” history,Good or Bad note ?

Like you said – it was HUGE in “Mockbuster” history. How could it be anything but good. I jump up and kick my heels together every time I think of that film. The producers gave me nothing but a title and I ran with that puppy and I think I wrote a good little movie – the first of an entire mutant clan of mockbuster films that are still being made. Gimme another one to write and direct – I’m ready.

4) Prefer writing or directing ?

Unfair. Which do I like better – Sushi or Prime Rib. Both are great. I love them both. Sometimes I am more in the mood for one over the other – sometimes I am even sick of one (usually writing because I have written and sold up to five features in a single year – which can be draining) – but I am the luckiest person alive to be able to write and direct. Here’s how I put it – I am a natural born writer – I have to write – I can’t stop. I write on napkins – scraps of paper – – I write lists – journals – poetry – ideas – screenplays – premises – or just words to see what they look like together. I am addicted. But directing is my passion. And the combo of writing and directing is perfect for me because it creates worlds – and that’s what I love to do – create entire worlds.

5)One Sentence Descriptions ? TIFFANY_____________,C. Thomas Howell___________,Lorenzo Lamas ____________,Barry Williams_______________ and Paul Logan________________.

TIFFANY – She’s a doll – a charmer – a delight to work with – she made everyday with her a good time.

C. Thomas Howell – He’s a good guy with a lot of talent – we have not broken bread together but I did write a script for him which he starred in and directed (War of the Worlds 2) – I’d like to work with him again – more in depth – maybe even direct him.

Lorenzo Lamas – Lorenzo and I sat for an hour and talked under the shadow of his motorcycle and he was a very nice man – and complimentary about my screenplay, 30,000 leagues Under the Sea. Again – I would like to work with him again.

Barry Williams – Easy to work with – stellar professional – he’s got the chops to play any appropriate role, and he is easy to edit because he’s on the money most of the time. I MUST work with Barry again.

Paul Logan – Paul is a one stop shopping action hero. He has got the action down. He does his own stunts – choreographs his own hand to hand combat (based on the description of the action) – handles the car well in a chase: he brings in costumes that he likes – does his own make-up when needed – dives – looks out for the safety of others – and he knows his weapons. Whooshh – I’m sweating just thinking about it. Paul will do everything he can to make sure his take is as good as possible. He’s a trooper.

6) BEST of ‘The E’ On/Off set ?

I’m not sure what ‘The E’ is. Is that me? “E” for Eric – I will assume so? The best of me as a director was when the actors, the DP, and I clicked, and I was able to conduct the camera action and the actors in real time, talking them through, doing a string of five or more takes on a single roll of the camera – penetrating the moment until we got magic. Of course the downside was that it was hard for the editors to find that moment and they would sometimes just use the first take that looked good.

7) WORST of ‘The E’ On/Off set ?

Again, assuming that you mean me – I started smoking cloves at the beginning of week two (the pressure was so great with the rains coming in and the producer’s notes coming down on us like hail). Also actors schedules were getting tough to deal with and we weren’t sure if we were going to go to Puerto Rico or where we were going to shoot our exteriors once the rains moved into SoCal. So I lit up. It helped. I quit as soon as the shoot was done.

8) Has The ASYLUM,Been a career move ?

Sure. Before the Asylum I was teaching improvisational comedy at the Second City in LA, and working as a producer, a casting director and an AD for Plaster City (Christopher Coppola’s company) and Animal Planet. I came to Los Angeles from Chicago where I had been a big writer and director for the stage. But it was hard to break into Hollywood, and The Asylum gave me a shot. And then another shot and another. Now I want more – from The Asylum and form other companies. With Mega Piranha being such a huge success I think I’m going to move into bigger projects soon. But I want to keep directing for the Asylum because I like it and I like them.

9) MEGA PIRANHA had huge numbers on SYFY channel, Surprised ?

I am a little surprised. Overall it may be The Asylum’s most successful film or one of them at least. We will have to evaluate it after a year or so – to see if it becomes a cult classic – that would be nice. But Mega Piranha has really kicked open a lot of doors for me. And I am happy about that – a long await mega-move up the Hollywood ladder. And it brings along with it some much appreciated fame. I was a pretty famous in Chicago – everyone in the business knew me – most local celebrities there knew my name before I knew theirs – it is a self contained city that watches out for its own – I loved it there – but then I came here where nobody knows anybody’s name unless they make millions of dollars and the person can give them a deal – which leaves just about all of us out. I missed that taste of Chicago recognition. So now after Mega Piranha – I get invited to places and people will take meetings with me – its nice. I have some clout. How long it will last is the question.

10) What on Earth would you like to leave us with ?

for those of you who love to watch movies just keep your eyes open – amazing things are just around the corner and we shall all be entertained in such grand style in the future that what we experience now will pale in comparison. Of course films like The Godfather and Alien will be relegated to the category of “classic” and presented as such. But overall fun is on the way: Interactive – cool – fun. And for those of you who make movies – keep looking at things like YouTube – and just get a camera and make something – do it – anything – hey – The Asylum does, why not you. Then one day you can be a part of this new really cool interactive movement in entertainment that we are on the cusp of – where giant stars and mega-studios will take a back seat to more internal interactive worlds – more personal worlds to visit that will be our entertainment of tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it. In the mean time – I’m writing my new apocalyptic political thriller – “Mega-Debt vs Mega-Oil-Spill: the beginning of the end!”


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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