Starring : Tait Ruppert & Michael Yurchak.
Okay, Figure in Marco Polo,Kublai Khan and Blood Red colored Diamonds..Now take that ‘Indiana Jones’ !
This goes from sounding like a dime pulp, And then it has all that those cliffhangers had in B/W.
Very violent action for the ear and not sure we liked some of the stereotypes.


The second story is much better represented and moves wonderfully thru a wild tale.

Evidently this is the second outing of a favorite character ” Wind Gone Mad” wants to end a huge rivalry that beckons war.
All and all, Tait Ruppert & Jim Meskimen has directed another wild ride from the works of L. Ron.


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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