The Late Interview…
1) Do you just like to act or does Hollywood like your look that much ?

Ah, yes- Hollywood has a love/ hate relationship with my mugg.
You know, I am not sure I have any relationship with Hollywood
at all.
I like Hollywood (the sign, the bars, the girls, the glam, the parties, the art, the talent, the rock and roll) but I guess I don’t agree with much of what the real Hollywood is about, i.e.. the politics, the money, the deals, the reality show nonsense. Just not my kind of entertainment.
Oh don’t get me wrong, I love me some Spider-man!
But that upper level is kind of a select few.
The middle level, which should be way more accessible, seems to be filled up with cheating daters, gaga’s and snookie’s
(which I though was some kind of pool game; my son will set me straight on that).
I am lucky enough to a part of the fringe world, the indie and low budget world.
Yes I said “lucky”!
Actually, I do believe that I am one of those types that has to grow on you!
Hmmm– That may be a little creepy!

2) Would you name movies the same,If you were asked ?

I am sure that I would. I just think that a movie title is something
that normal people have no business tampering with.
I am not sure that “A Clockwork Orange” could have worked with a different title.
Is that not sufficient proof that stronger forces are at work?

3) Does ‘Team Player’ come up alot as a description for you ?

Oh well- I try to be a team player, I think that is important.
I am a miserable failure at it. You know, so much of that nonsense they teach you in acting school about “acting is re-acting”, and “being truthful while lying”.
What the bloody hell does that have to do with team playing?
There is no “y” in “team” people!
Chris, don’t you think these are strange questions for a dating site!

4) BEST of Mike On/Off set ?

5) WORST of Mike On/Off set ?

I am gonna put these two questions together because
it’s kind of all the same thing for me.
I always wanted to be an entertainer, tho I am sure I didn’t always realize it.
It follows then, that whenever I get to do my thing, I am a happy guy, and I think I am pretty pleasant on the set.
Now flip the coin.
Every aspect of making good entertainment is such difficult and hard work and I have little sympathy with people who don’t come to the party willing to work hard, pull their weight, help the other guy, nor for those that can’t seem to play fair.
We are pretty lucky to get to do this stuff. I wish it was easy, but I am just suspicious enough to fear that if I find it getting easy, then I am probably doing something wrong.

6) One Sentence descriptions-

Fred Olen Ray, (the Hollywood legend) is a good friend who has given me some really fun little roles; I like him and appreciate him.

Shane Van Dyke is smart and a pleasant enough chap and well on his way to becoming a very fine film director!

Barry Bostwick is an amazingly good actor, and very damn tall!
(You know he can’t stand it when people say- “Dammitt, Janet!”.
What’s up with that!) (And no, I did not say that to him!) (Thought about it.)

Tim Abell is just great to work with and a real pleasure to be around; a straight up- American guy with a heart of gold!

Jeffrey Combs and I have been in like 4 films together,
and he is a nice guy, fun, intense, a hard worker;
he is a real life Star Trek character with his own action figure!

7) Ever wanna write or direct ?

I directed a number of fairly well received stage plays back
in the early days, when I was a little shaver, and I enjoyed that.
If I say so (and I do), I am a pretty good director.
There was a successful run at writing and directing “all fall down” stunt shows: a kind of street theatre for amusement parks and the like.
Those shows were great fun to create and do, and I love
directing for the theatre, but film directing is just not something I really aspire to.
Along the way, now and again, I’ve started writing a few film scripts because I’ve had some pretty good ideas, but it’s really, really hard.
You know, the truth is, a good deal of what is out there in our film and television world is just crap. No revelation there, but it always comes back to the script and then the director. A lot of good people are fooling themselves thinking they can do either one of those things; good scripts and good directors are kinda rare,
very often overlooked, and we have to stand up for them and demand them.
So often- easier said than done, I guess.
I would have to be pretty damn inspired to want to jump into the fire.
Yep, I am content leave it to pros: Paul Linke is a director, and my buddy C. Courtney Joyner, that dude is a writer!
But I will probably not turn down more opportunities to direct.

8) Have you had characters written for you ?

I certainly wrote a few for myself, particularly in the early days when I was young and stupid.
That is to say, before I realized that Clint Eastwood is the only one who can direct himself!
I have had some fun with these things, and my good friend Kenneth J. Hall wrote a nice part for me in his movie “The Halfway House”. Gave me a great death scene!
Also, Fred Olen Ray claims to have written a few with me in mind including the part of “Pops” in his new film “Super Shark”. Kind of wild- out there characters! Actors dream stuff. I have enjoyed that.

9) A hobby that would surprise most fans ?

Oh yeah, I’ll be rattle them skeletons in the closest,
but I doubt there’s too much that is very much of a surprise.
I am a simple guy, just give me my six gun, my old guitar,
a willin’ woman folk and a dusty old bar room.
I’ll tell you a story.
Not too long ago, a cool lady singer named Tey and myself,
put together a little band and went to the middle east and Afghanistan to play a few songs.
Not a real big production, we just rode on the military transports with the rest of the soldiers, stayed in the barracks and set up our stuff in the mess hall, a makeshift rec rooms or even outside on the
flatbeds parked on the dirt. Then we rocked out, every nite in a different hot spot, for about a month and a half with the finest group of American people you could meet.
Damn, this old dude was wore out, but it was the greatest experience of my life.
We met ’em: young and old, doctors, carpenters, engineers, cops,
even a body guard to some rock star!
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Spec Forces, Warriors, Heroes, whatever. All doing the job.
(PS. to who-ever: Don’t bother writing to me about all of the politics and stuff, I probably have been cussed out about it all already and I don’t care. This was about American- people- Soldiers.)
I remember sitting there in the dark, after we had played our songs and alot of the young guys were hanging around dancing wild, singing loud and were sure headed to hangover town for the next day.
(Reminded me of the frat parties Phil Czolgosz and I used to play for back in Texas).
I asked the Top Sergeant who was in charge why he let them get so rowdy.
I think he thought I was being critical, when he told me-
“We try to give these guys a lot of leeway. Most of them just got bussed here this afternoon from front line duty in Iraq. This is their day off, and then they go right back. I don’t think you understand.
Some of the guys you see here tonite aren’t gonna make it back home! So we try to give ’em a little leeway.”
Amazing. Hard for me to tell, still, because it all chokes me up, big weenie that I am.
Can you wish it was a nicer world?
Some of the soldiers kept in touch for a while (especially with Tey, She’s way purtier than me).
That rock star’s body guard I mentioned, (he was Army Reserve called up to active duty) emailed me from some Army hospital. He didn’t say how or why but he had been hit with five bullets!
He wanted me to know he was still alive. Tough guy. I am glad to know it!
I hope I get to go back again, just gotta keep practicing to be a better guitar player!

10) OK,What can you say ?…That we can quote as a parting wisdom ?

You would ask an actor that!
I got you covered and I quote my old friend Alfred White Eagle Ellicock (he was French/ Canadian Blackfoot Indian). We called him Snuffy.
He would always tell me whenever I had some wild idea,
“You go on ahead there, young fella, I’l just sit here and look wise!”
Well, shoot, I can play that!


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

6 responses »

  1. Doug Higley says:

    Nice words from Michael. Glad to hear abouit the mini tour in the sand. Got to meet Mike on set during Super Shark and since we’re pals on facebook. The nicest guy you could ever meet…(yeah at my age I’ve met a lot!) here’s a secret about gaglio…the Directors like to kill hios character off early in the picture…’How come?’ says you…because Mikes a work horse posessing many handy skills and on a low budget movie he is GOLD to have around off camera. Who’d a thunk…a ‘useful actor’.

  2. Janet says:

    I amend that comment and say ” Mikes a dog gone, all round, useful person”.
    I know him well, and it’s nice to know him.

  3. Ted Newsom says:

    And he’s a nice guy as well. Good combination. We’ve appeared in the same movie, but not in any scenes together– so my life is yet incomplete. One’a these days…

  4. Stagemanager Sandy says:

    Dear Mike,
    So nice of you to remember Snuffy….. People remember you and think of you often in this hicktown..The interview was great and I could almost hear your voice. Wishing you a great time and letting you know somebody misses you. Love, Sandy

  5. Mike says:

    Dad, You are the coolest! I learned so much cool stuff from you. I always enjoyed the shows with you and Mr. Snuffy and all the stage work. Rock on! -Skinny.

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