1) So,What characters are your favorite ?

Diana Terranova laughs in recalling all the strippers, whores and crazy bitches she has played on film and TV. Roles which usually call for lap dances, gratuitous make-outs, kicking ass and bloody violence. Her wardrobe consists of teeny tiny outfits, fishnets and lots of body glitter.

For example, in PARTY DOWN she played “Dandia” a psycho porn star who fights Stormy Daniels over who should win the title of “Best Blow Job”. Diana quips that Stormy is so delicious in person that she, Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr could barely say their lines. The best part was being directed by the amazing Fred Savage, though she seriously felt dirty saying “blow job” in front of Kevin Arnold.

On CALIFORNICATION she recurred playing the bratty stripper “Diana”. She had award winning moments like using lingerie to spank Hank Moody’s (David Duchovny) best friend and cussing out Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) for getting too excited in a lap dance. Later, her way of forgiving him was to have a three way in bed. Fans will be happy to know Diana Terranova owns all the lingerie she wore in those scenes!

2) The Asylum has used you a bit,Wanna talk about “MILF” or “GACY HOUSE” ?

Diana Terranova says The Asylum is to the movie industry what Hostess Bakery is to Snack Cakes. Both the Asylum and Hostess work fast to turn out a tasty product that comes in a pretty box. You watch it, you eat it, you love it and you feel a little guilty after.

Yet, you always want to see their next movie. Why? The real world has a lot of sadness. The Asylum makes quality brain candy like MILF to help you escape life. Their movies take your mind on vacation for an hour or two.

Diana Terranova wants readers to know the lollipops, chocolate syrup and whipped cream that her character “Rhonda” plays with in MILF was her idea. Is she a pervert or does she not get out enough? Her idea of fun is dressing up as Slave Leia at sci-fi conventions like Comic-Con.

For her role in GACY HOUSE, she researched Hoodoo Magic. Any spell “Janina” performs is rooted in this, including the “fiery wall of protection spell”. She handmade the “Mojo bag” or “Mojo hand” her character wears in the movie. From the blue flannel pouch to the dressing oil, herbs and bone shards, she crafted it to be authentic.

3) Ever gonna write or Direct ?

Diana Terranova says it’s a symbiotic relationship for an actor to be both an improv comedian and writer. She loves performing for a live audience like when she Hhosted the nationwide tour of the FX “IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA GAME SHOW”. She even went so far as biting the head off a statue of DB the Dumpster Baby for laughs and has the footage to prove it!

On Reality Guru Scott Satin’s hidden camera show “SMILE YOU’RE UNDER ARREST” she gave massages and facials to known criminals while asking if they were relaxed! She pranked real criminals more than twice her size who were then arrested at the end of each episode!

Her upcoming projects include a movie for Roger Corman and Hosting the web series “My Geek Universe”. Seriously, Diana Terranova can’t stop talking about her love of Geeks! Geeks get all the hot girls. Geeks dominate the coolest job fields and set trends from technology to fashion. She thinks Geeks rule the modern world and wants to document their take-over of the Universe. Her Co-Hosts are your favorite sexy ladies from late night TV like the stunning Erika Jordan and Julie K. Smith.

4) BEST of “DT” ,On/Off set ?

There is a group of people Diana Terranova has nicknamed “The Einsteins of Entertainment” and working with them encompass her career highlights to date. She quotes Goethe saying, “In their boldness is genius. That’s why their work is so powerful.” Her elite group includes Alan Ball (ALL SIGNS OF DEATH), Ryan Murphy (NIP/TUCK), David Goyer (THRESHOLD) and Tom Kapinos (CALIFORNICATION). She believes what’s so inspiring about them is they have all challenged what’s acceptable for conventional morality on TV and Film. She likens their socially conscious efforts to the work of Stan Lee and how he fought to change Comics back in 1971 by challenging the Comic Code Authority. She geeks out (her words) saying, “They are so cool, I would steal marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms at craft service for them.”

To get her foot in the door, she did extra work on each of their productions. Once on set, she pushed her resume into every hand she could. Thankfully, she later landed roles in their shows.

5) WORST of “DT”,On/Off set ?

Diana Terranova laughs that her worst days were when she had to sit down, shut up and just do the job. Of course, that never stopped her from muttering unforgivable Harry Potter curses under her breath! Who hasn’t wanted to throw the Cruciatus Curse at their boss or evil co-worker at least once? Being Muggle-Born, I guess she is subject to these fits of fury.

Another dirty secret is she has Harry Potter Posters hanging in her bedroom. She also hoards a fangirl sized collection of books including; everything Clive Cussler, Yasmine Galenorn, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Stan Lee Comics, Laurel K Hamilton, Artemis Fowl and Zombie Butts from Uranus. Knowing this, would it stop you from wanting to make out with her?

6) ONE sentence description- JIM WYNORSKI.

“How can you ask me to describe Jim Wynorski in just one sentence?” Yells a frustrated Diana Terranova. She explains that Jim Wynorski has played many roles in her life from mentor to father figure. Her worship of Mr. Popatopolis borders on idolatry but it may just be Stockholm Syndrome because he has killed her off on film repeatedly and without remorse.

When she arrived in Los Angeles, Jim Wynorski encouraged her to complete her college degree in Audio Engineering. He helped her put together her own publishing company and since then she has written music for over twenty of his films, mainly the ones on late night HBO, Cinemax and Showtime.

He has never held back his sage advice when it comes to Diana Terranova. While filming to role of “Patty” in CAMEL SPIDERS, he yelled “I hated it. Hated it”, after her first take. When she asked how she should play the scene different he replied,”Just don’t do that.” As she took a moment to re-think the scene he said, ”Ok let’s go,while we’re young please!” Jim Wynorski was right as always she says. Actors should just make sure and decisive choices and have the confidence to change it all up in a split second.

7) What are the HOLIDAYS like at the TERRANOVA residence ?

Diana Terranova giggles that Christmas at her place is one big pajama party waiting for Santa. She has a taser ready to subdue the elf with the Naughty List and blowtorch ready to burn it. After list is destroyed, she warms Santa’s milk with said torch and offers him homemade double-iced chocolate chip cookies.

8) What would you tell a bully ?

Diana Terranova believes there is nothing she can say that Pixar didn’t already state with class and eloquence for the “It Gets Better” Campaign. You can view “It Gets Better” – Love Pixar on Youtube at

“I started in this industry as a dancer on music videos, TV and film. Being I am a loud Sicilian, there have been several times in my career where I have gone Steve Slater on a bully,” she continues.

“For example, I was dancing on a HUGE sitcom a few years ago. A producer on the show decided he was going to have me give him a lap dance during the scene. That in itself wasn’t unusual as crew members and friends of cast love to be extras in strip club scenes. I even danced for an actor’s Dad once!

Now this guy was an idiot! Not only was he smoking and blowing it right in my face, he kept running his hands up my thigh during the scene. It was a live taping and I warned him to stop doing it. He just laughed, said it was his show and ran his hands up my leg even higher on the next take. When we cut I told him I’d slap him if he did it again. So, when Mr. Spider Fingers started walking his hand up my leg again I whispered “f–ck you”, hauled off and bitch slapped him with a loud crack (open palm, not backhand for maximum sting). The noise was enough for the main actor to glance over. Of course, I was just dancing away like nothing happened,” she says.

When the scene was over 2 things happened. One, several crew members who’d watched it all go down from the catwalk above the actors heads came over and congratulated her. Apparently the producer wasn’t well liked on set because he bullied everyone into working overtime for free. Two, she boldly asked for stunt pay for her slap which I was quickly and quietly given.

9) Who has more fun Blondes or Brunettes ? WHY?

“Bottle-Born-Botoxed-Blondes” have the most fun of course quips Diana Terranova. “All the chemicals we get into our bloodstream from the bleach and Botox making us giggly. Or, maybe it is our natural endorphins but who really cares? We are feisty, fearless and just dumb enough to shoot toxins right next to our brain for the sake of beauty.” Now that’s a girl to marry.

10) Diana, What words would you want to leave with us,Forever ???

Diana Terranova loves coffee. She says,”Without coffee, I growl and snarls like a lycanthrope. In the morning I walk my dog to the local 7-11 where I refill my plastic 32ounce travel mug with coffee. Coffee is a delicious beverage God set forth on this earth to stop those of us who can’t get out of bed in the morning from throttling the happy early morning risers.” She also enjoys crunching plain roasted espresso beans.

Starbucks Venti drinkers are little dirt worms to her. She says,”They’ve obviously never gone on a weekend bender of playing Kingdom Hearts non-stop subsisting only on Cup O Noodles, Skittles n Caffeine.”

Diana Terranova would like you to remember the immortal words of Falcor “Never give up Atreyu, and good luck will find you.”


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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  1. Mike Gaglio says:

    That Diana is terriffic!
    When I worked with her, first time, on the Gacy House picture, I was amazed with the idea that I could honestly say I have never known anyone quite like her in my life! What a singular, brash, gutsy, sexy, wacky, out there, hot gal! Then she turned and capped it all off with a flourish and a wink! Ah,ha! I should have known; now, I got stories!
    I really enjoy her (at this point I would add that “I hope to see a lot more of her”, except that someone could misinterpret that!)(Hey, a red blooded American boy can dream, can’t he?).
    She is a great comedian, a true talent: smart, full of surprises and fun and just a pleasure to be around.
    Ah, those crazy I-tralians! What an excitement you are Miss Terranova!
    Great interview! Thanks.

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