Now,This is a really good movie to see what your imagination hopes the characters will do next.
James Ray is incredible,Mean & lean and willing to have you hate him in the next scene too.
Kathleen Benner was perfect and truly STOLE the last minutes of film and deserved a standing ovation at the Redbox kiosk as rented .
Michael Harrelson reminded me so much of The Duke in John Wayne and The Cowboys,I just cant give away why.
This was a total package of freakin’ good movie making !



Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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