2010 – 2011: Recurring on NBC’s Law and Order: Los Angeles/A Haunting in Salem/Born Bad /2012: ICE AGE/Super Shark/Camel Spiders /Almighty Thor/Battle of Los Angeles /Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus/Titanic II /Turbulent Skies /Reptisaurus/Silent Venom/The Lair series/ PADME

1) Are you having FUN yet ?

Fun? Who has time for fun, I’m working!!! But I love my work so that makes it fun. It’a little crazy, what I do for a living, what my life is like and the challenges, both good and bad, that keep presenting themselves. Man it’s a real roller coaster but aren’t roller coasters made for fun?

2) So,Your explaination of what is a MOCKBUSTER ?

A bunch of good actors getting opportunities to work and tell people a fun story who otherwise haven’t gotten the opportunity (yet!) in big, studio pictures. At least that’s what it is for me. It’s the blockbuster movie without all the hype, big names and big budgets. Just a bunch of regular people making a movie. As a result the mockbuster, nor it’s creators never take themselves too seriously. We’re just out to entertain the audience through action, and in many cases absurdity. And make no mistake many of us are ready and skillful enough to be in blockbuster movies. But alas J.J. Abrahms, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg haven’t called me yet so I’m grateful I get to show my craft in the big blockbuster’s nerdy little cousin the Mockbuster.

3) What is this about ‘The Golden Cob Awards’ ?

The B Movie Celebration (www.BMovie is an annual convention dedicated to celebrating B movies and their fans. They give out awards for the best films, actors directors etc. know as the Golden Cob Awards. It’s great to see a bunch of people that I’ve worked with like Fred Olen Ray, Chris Ridenhour, Theo Angell, Joseph Lawson, Lisa Reis, Brandon Slagle and Jim Wynorski all nominated. The Asylum’s Battle of Los Angeles was nominated for 2011 B Movie of the Year and I was nominated 2011 Rising B Movie Actor. It’s a fan based voting system so I am glad that Battle of Los Angeles and my work connected with people well enough for them to nominate and vote for us both. Studio films have the Oscars we have the Golden Cobs!!

4) What is the BEST of ‘Gerry’ On / Off the set ?

Honestly I think that’s a question best answered by people I’ve worked with in the past. Ask directors like Christopher Olen Ray, Fred Olen Ray, Mark Atkins, Shane Van Dyke, Cole McKay, Daryl James, Lydia Martinelli and Don B. Welch or Producers like Johnathan Prince, David Latt, Paul Bales, David Rimawi, Kim Ray or casting directors like Megan Branman, Sunny Boland, Billy Damota, Mimi Webb-Miller, Sherrie Henderson and Dan Valez and actors like Patrick Labourteaux, Gary Stretch, Bill Oberts Jr. etc they would hold the more truthful and relevant answers.

I will say, many actors don’t understand that showing up, being prepared and NOT being a problem is vastly underrated. Producers, directors ect. LOVE you when you can deliver a great performance on camera and not be a problem or even needy behind the scenes. That’s the standard I’ve set for myself. Set is not the place for O.E.- Over Ego. You might get away with it one time but you’re probably ensuring that there won’t be a next time for you with that group of professionals.

5) What is the WORST of ‘ Gerry’ On/Off the set ?

Apparently this “Gerry” dude gets around! But enough about him, let’s get back to me: I go nonstop at work and sometimes need to allow myself a break. I’m also intense and unforgiving for a lack of professionalism. I don’t accept if from others nor myself. I do not suffer fools lightly. This a job and profession. Act like it. Period. If you don’t appreciate the opportunity someone else will. I don’t think this philosophy is bad but I am extremely stringent about it, maybe at times to a fault.

Ask those same guys what my worst is, I ‘d love to know, seriously. Constructive criticism is one of the best tools for growth, if you can accept it as constructive. Knowing your weaknesses lets you work on them and get better and stronger at what you do.

6) One Sentence Descriptions- Fred Olen Ray does not suffer fools lightly but is a great ally if you’re not a fool. Shane Van Dyke is easy to work with, quiet and reserved but on top of his game. Bill Oberst Jr. is a true professional that works non stop and super hard. Jim Wynorski is efficient and all business. Chris Ray is a trust worthy, red head ninja.

7) How do you feel “PADME’ helped or hurt your career ?

Padme was a blast. I got to play a Star Wars character, a total geek moment for me and got to spoof Samuel L. Jackson. I was HOPING George Lucas was going to bring me in on some stuff since he selected Padme as the “George Lucas selects” Award at Comic Con in 2008 but alas he must have lost my number. So there was no big “I’m discovered” moment but it helped because I got to work and have some fun. Every time I get to work on my craft helps. But if anyone know george Lucas, JJ Abrams or Michael Bay holla at them for me!

My question is have you seen it?:

8) Do you miss DJing ?

Not at all because I still do it fairly often. If DJing was kung fu I’d be Master Ho rocking the Shaolin Temple.

9) Any gossip or unusual skill ,That might shock our readers ?

No, what have you heard??? I am a total technology geek. I love old westerns and have seen every episode of GunSmoke and Have Gun Will travel. If I could have been on any show ever made I would probably choose Mash. My underwear drawer…umm, maybe I should stop now.

10) Here is that magic opportunity to enlighten your fans with your wit and/or wisdom —

DK on the big motorcycle, in manual mode is the best way to win at……. If you know of what I speak, use this knowledge wisely. If you don’t your journey is just beginning.

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Words with Friends: Ptgerald



Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

3 responses »

  1. Mike Gaglio says:

    Good interview with a good, hard working guy!
    Gerald is First Class!
    Mike Gaglio

  2. Mike Gaglio says:

    Keep these interviews commin’ Chris!
    Very interesting and informative!
    I love ’em!

  3. gerald is a priceless actor. why? because, he’s ready, on time, no ego, and prepared to bring it on, he listens, and is a no-drama guy. gerald barely needs makeup, due to his mama and papas good genes, 🙂 he is an amazing collaborator, which is a directors dream. i will cast gerald in the future, due to his professionalism, and the most important part, he is truly talented and brings the impression of authenticity to his role in the film (Nose Candy) we worked on together which has won numerous awards.

    Lydia Martinelli – Director

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