DeWitt & Maria
The Prodigal
Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend
Den Of Darkness
Super Shark
Turbulent Skies
Super Croc
Days Of Our Lives
General Hospital

1) Would you ever trade in your career for a Leading Man Role ?
1. Although I’ve had a few  leading man roles in films, I’m guessing you probably mean in a major motion picture or television show…I’ve experienced so much over the last 20 years or so as an actor….some good, some not so, but I wouldn’t trade it in at all. We’re on a journey, (not so much the destination)…, I try and enjoy the journey :)……(maybe I’d trade in all the auditions, though….kidding)
2) Having been in the Show Business for awhile, is HOLLYWOOD going to be okay in 2012 ?
2. Entertainment always survives no matter what. Even in a depressed economy, people want to get away from it all and escape a bit…so yes, Hollywood will be fine. Now, only if we could do away with some of the reality shows, the rest of us actors could work more, but other than that…..
3) What is the ‘BEST’ of DAVID On/Off camera ?
3. Whenever I work a film/television/commercial, etc., I consider myself so VERY fortunate. I like to call it “going to work at Disneyland”, because for me it’s NEVER work. I LOVE what I do and consider it an incredible blessing from God to be able to do this (and actually get paid). In addition, I try to be “that guy that people love to work with”. I find any opportunity to be encouraging and uplifting to everyone on a set, whether actors, crew, (grips, 1st ads, 2nd ads, extras, etc.) , it doesn’t matter…we’re all a team. I try and bring a few smiles, some joy and good memories where ever I go. I am blessed just to be able to do this at all!………….(and I come prepared!….know your lines :))………..a wise man once said: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”!
4) What is the ‘WORST’ of DAVID On/Off camera ?
4. Maybe when the shoot is done and having to say good bye to everyone…….but now there’s FACEBOOK 🙂
5) Ever wanna Direct or Write ?
5. I already write. In fact, I’ve written 5 feature films (which I’ve been trying to find funding for quite some time)….a range of genre….(suspense thrillers, romantic comedy, action, etc.)….direct?…..maybe, but certainly I love writing along with my acting most.
6) One Sentence Descriptions,Please— Fred Olen Ray_______,Jeff Murray_________,Sandra Lindo__________.
6.  Fred Olen Ray:  I’ve worked on two films with him, but would still like to get to know him better! Would love to do a western with him too! He’s easy to work with and quite creative. Let’s do lunch, Fred 🙂
     Jeff Murray:  I have done lunch with Jeff and dinner too (LOL)……Jeff’s a great guy and so is his wife Sue a lovely and charming lady. VERY easy to work with. I had a GREAT time working on Bigfoot with him…..would certainly like to do another film with him soon! VERY easy going is Jeff for sure!
     Sandra Lindo: VERY creative. She’s driven, but in a good way. She knows what she wants and seems to make it happen. A talented director AND writer. There’s a good chance we may be colaborating on a project together soon:)
7) Okay,This is that special chance,David,Spill yours guts about ‘The Why’ you do it ?
7: Why, huh?……..well, I’ve been a musician ever since I was 12 and playing and singing in front of people….so, the acting thing just naturally evolved. Telling stories and being someone else all the time. I guess that sounds a little schitzophanic, but then again, most actors, directors, writers, etc. are all a bit eccentric, you think? It’s the whole left brain, right brain thing too. I love being creative, whether acting,writing, singing, or playing and I’m “wired” that way and anything else just won’t do.


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

7 responses »

  1. Mike Gaglio says:

    David is a terrific guy to work with! Good actor!
    Nice interview!
    Thanks Chris, for bringing us this! Good stuff!
    Mike Gaglio

  2. Jim Mueller says:

    David was a romantic lead and fabulous in DEWITT & MARIA. The best to you , David!!

    Jim Mueller, Producer

  3. Jan Morris says:

    Best wishes for continued success, David, with roles you love and funding for your screenplays! I’m glad I got to work with you on DEWITT & MARIA! You were great!

    Jan Morris

  4. I’ve cast Dave before….EXCELLENT actor!

    Helen McCready, CSA

  5. Mike Albano says:

    Meet and had lunch with David for the very first time on my first trip to California and besides being an excellent actor he’s a hell of a great person. Hopefully he will be working in our independent feature production here in FLORIDA as he has already been cast for a role.
    Mike Albano
    Producer/ Z Internationa Productions

  6. Lee Benton says:

    David Novak is not only a talented actor, writer, & musician…but once you work with him…you love him. He has truly become a friend & brother to me after working with him on DEWITT & MARIA. He played my leading man & was so easy & professional to work with. He has such a kind spirit …a great joy to work with. David Novak is earmarked for success. I pray God continues to bless him abundantly…he is a shining star!

  7. Dt Carney says:

    DAVID is a Talent Plain & Simple. David & Mike Gaglio in The Same Movie. Now that’s a Movie.


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