my new acting site is jaredcohn.com and production site is traplightmedia.com 


Hold Your Breath

Born Bad
Blood Predator
Halloween Night
Legion Of The Dead
Way Of The Vampire

1) Hey,Love your body of work…Having FUN yet ?

Making movies is, for the most part, a lot of fun for me. So, when I am working or in between projects yet know I have another movie coming up for ideally a few upcoming things going on, I am happy. When I’m happy, I am certainly capable of having fun. Yet fun and happiness is a whole other conversation! 

2) Seems like you switched to Behind The Scenes more than Acting ?

Yes, I was unable to sustain myself financially as just an actor, so I started to crew, went to film school to learn to edit, began shooting, learned After Effects, Dreamweaver, etc… basically, I trained myself to be able to support myself within the industry by creating a 1 man production company. I did not want to be a waiter (although I was a waiter, for a very brief period) and I had a bunch of other crap jobs. I love acting, and actors and have a lot of respect for them and their pursuit… to be a working actor is awesome and a lot of friends are, and they inspire me to keep my acting going. Fortunately, I have a very cool lead role in a upcoming thriller, that starts shooting in a month www.FeedTheDevil.com I am very excited about getting back in front of the lens. It’s been too long. But, in any event, wherever my career takes me, I’m just happy and grateful to be working in a creative field. 

3) One Sentence Descriptions – Erin Marie Hogan: a talented, hard working actress.

,Katrina Bowden_ a beautiful starlet.. a consummate professional with a very cute dog.  

,Randy Wayne. Smart, successful, talented- dude is on point – and a friend.

Michael Welch — Amazing method actor, he gave 100%.

Robert Carradine –  a funny, interesting and talented guy. 

4) BEST of ‘The Jar’ On/Off set ?

When I’m well rested and focused, I see things in shots exactly how I want them and an actor understands me, and the DP is on point, magic can happen. Off set, when I am happy and grateful and the universe is being kind to me, and when I sleep, I can’t complain.

5) WORST of ‘The Jar’ On/Off set ?

No sleep, mean or bitter people around me, negative energy, misunderstandings, miscommunications, angry people — when I find myself in these situations I do my best to keep my head cool and not add to the problem. When there is a bad apple in the bag, it can be a bit tricky to navigate around, but with each experience, I try to learn from it to avoid any possible future stumbles.  

6) Worked on some cult films,Huh,Behind the Scenes on Hold Your Breath ? Born Bad? Plaguers ?

#HOLDYOURBREATH is going to be cool. Born Bad was a beautiful baby of mine, Plaguers came out cool. Behind the scenes, it’s a movie set! It’s a lot of powerful creative energy. It can be the best thing in the world, or the worst nightmare!  Being prepared and having the right team is ESSENTIAL to making the production process a smooth one. 

7) You were in two of our Guilty Pleasures movies….Legion Of The Dead & Way Of The Vampire,Any recollections ?

Way of the Vampire was my first Asylum movie, I was acting and so happy to be there. Legion of the Dead was fun, directed by Mr. Paul Bales himself. He gave me a hat. I still have it! I got strangled to death by a mummy, and in Way of the Vampire, I was tied to a fence and burned to death by the sun, felt great.

8) Is it still possible to ‘Have It All’ in Hollywood or surrounding Environs ?

It’s possible to feel however you want in Hollywood or anywhere else. Whatever makes you happy, do that. That is the challenge to remain stimulated and occupied. A healthy diet and a good exercise regimen certainly helps. Depression can happen anywhere. 

9) So, You have worked with THE ASYLUM alot,As a matter of fact,HOLD YOUR BREATH,Which you directed,Is There first theatrical film ?

Yes, very excited to be the director of The Asylum’s first theatrical film!  I love The Asylum. I have a lot of respect for David Latt, David Rimawi and Paul Bales for creating such a awesome company. 15 years strong, over 100 movies, not many people can claim that. I am extremely grateful to be amongst that. 

10) Last chance ,Your views,To share with fans and the like ?

Love the fans. Thanks so much, check out http://www.thestartupfilm.com and be apart of a cool project we are raising money for. A feature, I am directing with folks from Silicon Valley-about the start of world. Thanks for the support and look out for me!!! 😀


Costarred in LAST CASE OF BEN SABIK,Victoria VanderBelt,Die-Pig-Die,Deadly Scavengers,Time Enough and Evil Ever After. Had something to do with BLOOD DRIVE,A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS,Minds Of Terror,Cannibal Cop,Boot Hill Blind Dead,Grey Skies,Blood Sisters w/Debbie D and Dust To Dust !

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  1. mikegaglio says:

    I like JARED COHN. Sharp, talented guy, good filmaker, and I enjoyed working with him.
    Thanks for the good write- up, as usual. Guestar rules!

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