“We appreciate the B-Movie Underdog, with utmost respect and love. How many actors and their movies get overlooked? So enjoy these unsung performers, as we sing their praise perhaps off key…

“I was born to stand out,LOL ! Thru trial and error,equal parts I have come to be interesting and unique.I write and create entertainment.I love the performers who try harder,because they are given less.If we talk ,realize FOR THAT MOMENT,You are my world and NO ONE can intercede our bond,But damn if I can sustain for long.I smile alot and enjoy most.I have a temper(rare) and Can become The Worst Enemy to some.So,Shall we journey further…

-Chris Mackey

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  1. jim meskimen says:

    Hi, I may not be a B-movie Underdog, but I have been a B list player in several big A movies, mostly for Ron Howard and Paul Thomas Anderson. And I am currently rather overlooked, except by the Bank of America mortgage dept. which is apparently in Bhopal, India.
    If you would deign to interview me, feel free to contact me. If a guy with an eastern european accent and the sound of wind whistling gently from between broken teeth, hang up and hide.

  2. Sage Bannick says:

    I have a new indy horror film coming out called “The Absent.” Here is a link to our trailer. Let me know if you would like to talk shop.

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