Scott Seargeant…Writer of Zombies,Picturetaker of Doves Among Pigeons,Valleywood Icon !


Z Survive

Lost On Purpose

Gold Fools


Roadside Massacre

Finding Hope Now

A Dove Among Pigeons

1) Prefer Acting or Producing?
I love the challenge of producing what I write. Having control of your vision is paramount. You have to have a complete vision; script, audience, locations, actors, marketing, distribution, the works or your project may just sit on the shelf.
2) We feel you have a WILD BILL HICKOK/JIMMY BUFFET vibe,You heard before ?
Lol. Actually Yeah in college my hair was a bit longer and Jimmy was popular so naturally I got references to him. In most cases it’s the mustache. When magnum PI came out I got a lot of comparisons, and when Will Ferrel came out with Anchorman I got. A lot attention form that,
3) Naturally blonde & curly ? Fans wanna know…
I’m Part Italian, French & English. So the hair is naturally curly, even more when I go to the
4) Z SURVIVE,this project seems awesome and big…Wanna talk about ?
Z Survive is a action based, stunt filled horror movie in the zombie sub genre. It’s really a survival movie. I wrote it while my wife and daughter were away in Texas and my son was away on business. Nothing but my thoughts and our little dog Brady. It wasn’t long before the story took on characteristics of my new found freedom and loneliness, lol.
There is a story behind Z Survive that people can relate to. Social relevance is important in movies especially horror movies. There is plenty social relevance in Z Survive mixed in with aerial stunts, real fire trucks, police cars, and an 60′ decorated Christmas tree stuck in the middle of a downtown intersection.
When I approached director Tim Bragaw to direct Z Survive he was less than thrilled. After he read the script he was in. It’s more than a zombie movie.
5) Your still shots on set of A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS were beyond art,Still taking pix ?
Definitely. I love still photography. My Aunt taught me the basics and from there I built a darkroom and developed and printed my own works. I think that gave me a real sense of thematic composition that has helped me envision movie scenes. A great photograph can be viewed for hours.
Finding meaning in the details or lack of details is everything.

6) One Sentence Descriptions- Octavia Spencer
She is one of the hardest working,  talented actors; I’m glad she received the Golden Globe.
,Travis Cluff
Travis is all about emotion; heart, soul, grit n guts,
Matthew Sconce
Matt is technically awesome.
Scott Kirkpatrick
Scott and his lovely wife Soha are extremely knowledgeable in the business; they understand audiences and a movie’s real position as it relates to genre and quality;
Michael Badalucco_____.
I loved him as Baby Face Nelson in”O’ Brother Where Art Thou”and a real joy to talk to on the set of Finding Hope Now; a skilled actor.

7) BEST of Scott On/Off the set ?
On set:My best is working with people, organizing, coordinating and putting pieces together to complete a task.
Off set: I’m my best at marketing; developing and identifying a product to a specific brand. My specially is Human Interest Marketing.
8) My WORST on set: I still have a lot to learn about directing. That’s way I hire Tim Bragaw to direct Z Survive. He knows his stuff.
My worst off set.  Trusting people to do what they say. I’m too trusting. I take a person’s word as truth.
9) Do you think VALLEYWOOD is a viable alternative to Hollywood filmmaking ?
We are making great progress. However, until we land projects with budgets we will always be in Hollywood’s shadow.  And that’s OK with me. If I want Hollywood I’ll go to Hollywood.

10) Last chance to impress future Z SURVIVE fans ???
Z Survive is a journey and the sooner you get on board the more you will enjoy the experience as we post up to the day photos, videos, stories and more on our Facebook Z Survive Group Page. We have over 1,700 followers in the Z Survive group and we have only been open since October 29th. That shows us there is great interest in what we are doing.

We are showing the making of Z Survive as we make it on our Facebook group page and soon on our website.  Look for our web site in December. We will have interactive fan based fun and give-a-ways. Our address will be.    in December.
For all you adrenaline junkies, zombie fans look us up and enjoy the ride to our premier HALLOWEEN 2013…

FROM BENEATH – Maybe If You Have A Scratch…Leave it be or DIE ?

starring: Lauren Watson

Really kind of creepy, claustrophobic feel to the script and environs actors use as set.

With all the smoke effects and darkness, Scenes envelop the viewer  into a desperate scenario…With no way out.

Tried to become a participant in saving the victims,But If that’s true,Then film obviously succeeds all many levels.

Lauren Watson deserves special praise for conveying a will to live and thinking and plotting her survival in a believable manner.


BACKSLASHER \ Please dont ask to friend me…:(

Stars: Eleanor James

Freaking,Scary Arse movie,Yo !

IF we were’nt such lemmings to the internet,This movie would make us think twice of logging on.

Truly scary moments with a fetish mask wearing killer with the biggest Bowie Knife ever .

Eleanor as Becca has a website for lingerie and models of and someone is killing off all her friends slice by slice,Ewww !!!

Great poster and theme and cast makes this one a sure to rent and probably getting all your monies worth ,One peek or another.

Shaun Paul Piccinino – As Tough As He is Talented !

Shaun Piccinino

Trespass Into Terror
The Lackey
Deadliest Warrior
Visions Of The Darkside
UFC video games
Robot Chicken

*Don’t forget the Call Of Duty video game franchise as those are the biggest games ever 🙂 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is about to release and I actually voice several characters in it as we’ll as do a lot of the stunts 🙂

1) So do you play video-games still ?

I do still play video games when ever I have a free moment (which isn’t often) gotta see the stuff I’ve worked on.  But seriously I really do the video game experience.  I own an Xbox 360, PS3 & a Wii so I guess you could call me a gamer.

2) Motion Capture technology-Friend or Foe to an actor ?

Motion capture is a very interesting technology. Obviously things like these video games and films like The Avengers and Avatar wouldn’t be possible with out it.  So from a creative stand point I’d say it’s a good thing (friend).

3) How many broken bones,etc. ?

Knock on wood, I’ve never broken a bone.  Over 20 years in martial arts, over a decade doing stunts and the only real injury has been severely spained knee.

4) One Word Descriptions- Jeremy Dunn_____________,DT Carney______________,Willy Ortlieb_________________,Seth Green_______ and Vernon Wells___________.

                          Jeremy Dunn: iStunt (his stunt directory company #1 in the world
DT Carney: Boxer
Willy Ortlieb: come on I need two words… Chuck Norris
Seth Green: Awesome
Vernon Wells: Icon

5) BEST of SHAUN On/Off Set ?

Best of me is my never surrender attitude.  Helps me get things done on set and in my home life.

6) WORST of SHAUN On/Off  Set ?

Worst of me is probably that I’m not a morning person… I’m usually up very late working on several projects at once and regularly don’t get enough sleep, so that recipe makes for cranky mornings.

7) So,What are you doing in 5 years,IF your body can stand it ?

5 years from now hopefully I’ll being making bigger and crazier movies with even higher flying, hair raising action and stunts! Just making films people want to see.

8) Prefer filming in Los Angeles or Central Valley ?

Well this is a trick question, because I love filming no matter where it is 🙂 just put me on a set and I’m happy.  Of course both areas have there perks.  Los Angeles is the hub of film making and you literally has unlimited resources, that said there is a lot more red tape and hoops to jump through.  The Central Valley is great because of the sense of community and everybody pitching in to make things happen.  There’s also a sense of excitement making a movie here as its not the regular everyday occurrence like it is in Hollywood.

9) Any Awards to flaunt ?

Proud to say that my most recently finished film, The Lackey has been making the festival run and has had the honor of being nominated 11 times and picked up 3 awards.

-Best Editing for a feature film at the 2012 Action On Film Festival
-Best Cinematography at the 2012 SoCal Film Festival
-The 2012 Achievement in Local Film Making at the SoCal Film Fetival

10) Last Chance : What brings your audience to you ?

I think what brings an audience to me is the sense of hard work, determination and 100% commitment to my roles.  I always bring intensity with my boy next store looks.  The unlikely and more often then not, flawed hero.        Shaun Piccinino

NIGHTSCAPE:Dark Reign Of Thanatos.

with Dom Lenoir, Tim Osgood

It was neat to watch this “Hobbit” like movie,Some prophets and guardian angel beings.

Beautiful scenery and authentic costumes,weapons and action.

The dark side of some characters is truly something to behold.

A bow & arrow is used well and seems effective,Perhaps a special effect…But no matter – It works.

Wish we could remember some of the lead roles names in script,Really the leads are great layers.

FUTURE WORLD : City Of Mass Destruction,’Green Screen’ Never Had It So Good !

Captivating SCI-FIer made with mostly green screen effects  and lots of costumes & props.

Some parts are a tribute to the HEAVY METAL movies and some have a Cosplay-inspired extravaganza.

The script asks you to suspend belief and the actions of characters totally bring you into the vision of Daniel Falicki.

Video-games have nothing on this film,It’s all there-Heroines who battle pure evil and monsters in all forms.

The colors are extreme and totally escapist hues, Missing nothing in a spectrum of a banquet for the eyes….and ears the soundtrack is pretty wonderful too.


PIRANHA-MAN VS WEREWOLF-MAN..What The Heck ? …has happened to the monsters available ?

Silly,Very silly film about two unlike species of hybrid creatures fighting each other over a human woman.

Have to believe there some tongues in cheeks during the making of this non-epic.

There is some lovely victims of the female stereotypes, In varying stages of undress and shapes and sizes,hair color and height.

So,GET very drunk and have faint memories of all the PIRANHA movies you love and all the WEREWOLF movies you consumed and realize this isn’t one of those,But try to enjoy anyway.

Larry Buchanan must be smiling in his grave,The Torch has passed on….



AFTER THE DAWN…Sort Of Like ‘A Boy And His Dog’ reboot for today !

Nicole Kruex stars and wrote screenplay.

This movie was awesome, no really,It has a sci-fi tinge with some truly horrifying moment .

We are huge fans of the classic BOY AND HIS DOG,And you can see alot of what they were trying to say in ’75 and these filmmakers,If they had even heard of that film,Were too young to have even guessed there might be similarities.

Nicole Kruex is amazing and develops her character to another level and makes the flashbacks aid her story and makes the ending,WELL as shocking as BOY AND HIS DOG shocker finis.

Congrats to all involved from Midnight Releasing to Nicole and her director Mitchel A. Jones.

BUCKS COUNTY MASSACRE…Not your average blood-letting birthday partay !

    Nikki Bell   Tereza Hakobyan  as the victims.

This is a wild one of the FOUND FOOTAGE genre.

There is a birthday party and then alcohol and boys and girls pairing off and cuddling ,Its just to die for.

You get to know the characters and especially the birthday boy who is tease thru the camera as people like to document everything like a wedding or other social event.

NOW,Lets discuss the “Big Reveal’…Down right scary character is introduced and first attacks the most interesting of the girls,Tereza, and leaves the ‘Good Girl’ Nikki ,alone for a great while.


ALL FRONTIERS ARE JEALOUS —No ‘Indiana Jones 5’ here but…..

Starring the voices of: Rick Rocco Pasqualone( Spec Ops: The List VG),Thomas Silcott ( Boogie in Girlfriends TV) and Enn Reitel( Nestor & Mr Crabtree in Adventures of Tin Tin).

There is a sense of action and weapons knowledge that Hubbard shows off admirably here.

Amazing urgency to tasks and danger is very apparent to listener,Would have made a great movie much better script than the last ‘Indiana Jones’ .

Had to admit the nostalgic cover was off putting in this election year,But thats this critics fault because the audiobook deserved better treatment in letting listeners know ‘Its a great One !’